June 21, 2024

Rivella brings winter to your feed

Rivella brings winter to your feed

From December through March, Rivella has focused its promotions on active moments in the snow – both online and offline. Real brand experiences are generated across all relevant touch points.

Best regards Brings the fun of Rivella to the target group feed: The focus is on “Fläschli Jagd”, the augmented reality game. In a major film and multi-part photo series, the story of a group of friends on social media, who participated in the “Fläschli Jagd” in the mountains and won the main prize: a season at the Rivella Chalet, is told.

In addition to promoting “Fläschli Jagd”, other formats have been created in an overall content strategy, which puts Rivella as it has been for years: the perfect drink for adventurous friends – both on the slopes and in the city. Among other things, the Instagram and Facebook community are asked to share their experiences in the snow with the cult drink and thus win prizes. At the same time, Rivella also runs a large number of direct marketing events, such as the “Rivella Mountain Challenge”. Events are announced on social media. Consumers will be in the mountains as well as in urban areas
We mentioned again that Rivella is a one-of-a-kind on-the-go moisturizer.

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