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Ice Hockey World Championships live on MagentaSport from May 13 – defeated Germany in the last test…

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Munich (OTS)

The last successful World Cup test of the German national ice hockey team: a 3:1 victory over the good Austrians. “The longer the match, the better we get,” Capt. Moritz Muller analyzed and predicted: “The two power play classes we have are world class and will find their way to each other. Young NHL star Tim Stutzel completed his first international match ‘with the big’, not entirely satisfied with himself: ‘I still have to do a lot myself. This was not what I wanted to play. But this prep match is all about participation. His prediction for the World Cup opener against Canada on May 13th (Live on MagentaSport from 6:45pm): “We can beat any team if we add team spirit on the ice. We’re ready. “Testing against a fantastic backdrop in Schöningen also gave newly elected DEB President Dr Peter Merten the opportunity to present himself as the successor to Franz Reindel.” Ice hockey should be the focus of the next few years: the sport. “It’s not off the ice,” Dr. Peter Merten says in a MagentaSport interview. The first objective is to “start applying for the 2027 World Cup now”.

Here are the sounds from the latest test match as well as excerpts from the interview from rising star Tim Stutzel – please name the source MagentaSport if you use it. On Friday, May 13, the World Cup will kick off in Finland. With Germany’s opening match against Canada – live from 6.45pm. MagentaSport shows German group matches and quarter-final decisions live in full.

World Cup Test: Germany – Austria 3: 1

Berlin champion Niederberger, Pfoederl. Noebels and Wissmann are still missing, and the latest World Cup test against co-star Austria wasn’t without its pitfalls either – but DEB’s selection wins the last World Cup Test before things get serious against Canada in Finland on Friday. Captain Moritz Muller in his budget: “A great spectacle. You don’t always enjoy playing with the national team in Germany. Everything is better that we were able to crown the victory. We took a lot with us here again. This is a new team that has just come back together. You have to adapt to that. The system may not be what you play at the club. The longer the match goes, the better we become… We need time to adapt to each other Two lines of the power game we have, this is world class and they will find their way together. There are definitely things we could have done better. …but overall it was a great success.”

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About the World Cup in Finland, which begins on Friday, May 13 against Canada:You don’t have to motivate anyone here – it’s on the inside. It is a pleasure to play with the boys.”

Tim Stutzel on his first outing “With the Bigs”: “It was so much fun. The place helped a lot. I don’t think we got into the game well. But it always takes time. There are a lot of them new guys. We won, and that’s the most important thing” .

Stützle sees his performance as self-critical: “I still have a lot to do by myself. It wasn’t what I wanted to play. But this warm-up game is all about participating. Make your way up with the players.”

At the start against Canada: “I know two players I’ve played against in the NHL. We can beat any team if we put team spirit on the ice. We’re ready.”

The new president of DEB wishes Dr. Peter Merten, who says of the newly elected Executive Committee: “We have tried to put together a team from among the members that represents all the members – whether they are top-tier athletes or folk sports – that is very professional. Also important above all: economically oriented. We all have entrepreneurial experience and that’s what it is about.”

Objectives of the new presidency: “To continue what we’ve done with the men in recent years. To stay in Group A and lead the women there. To qualify both teams for the next Olympics. To stay on top with the junior teams.”

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What are the economic goals that the new Executive Committee seeks to achieve: “We’ll try not to save on the cost side, but we’ll try to do more on the income side through marketing, sponsorship and promotion. I have a lot of experience there. Hopefully we’ll have some good ideas there.”

Specifically, according to President Merten, this means: “We had our first Executive Committee meeting today. Of course, the most important issue is that we start submitting the application for the 2027 World Cup now. There is still a lot of work to be done.”

Tim Stutzel is one of the best young players in German ice hockey. Ahead of the 20-year-old’s first international game, he spoke in an exclusive interview with MagentaSport expert and reporter Patrick Ehelechner about his nomination, the NHL and his predictions ahead of the World Cup in Finland.

How he was accepted into the national team: “It is always a great honor to play for the national team. It is always so much fun with all the players here, so it has always been an honor for me to wear this shirt. I also worked with Toni Soderholm early on and I spoke up and said, ‘As long as I don’t have an injury and everything is fine. Alright, I would like to attend. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out last year because of my hand. I just enjoyed playing ice hockey this year and I was very happy when then asked Tony. We’re going there with a lot of anticipation.”

What he thinks is possible with the national team in the World Cup: “Actually we only have good personalities on the team… Our goal is very clear: we want to go as far as we can. We want to show the world what Germany can do in ice hockey.”

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Whether he has a dream streak he would like to play for the national team: “Tony is a great coach. He knows exactly what he’s up to and what he’s doing. We all trust him and that’s why I don’t want to be involved at all. I only play with those he hires for me and with those afterwards. It’s fun.”

Link to interview with Tim Stützle:

Ice Hockey World Championships live at MagentaSport

Ice Hockey World Cup broadcast times on MagentaTV / MagentaSport:

May 13 from 6:45pm: Germany and Canada

May 14 from 6.45pm: Slovakia-Germany

May 16 from 6:45 pm: France-Germany

May 19 from 2:45 pm: Germany – Denmark

May 20 from 2.45pm: Germany and Italy

May 22 from 2:45 pm: Kazakhstan-Germany

May 24 from 10.45 am: Germany – Switzerland

May 26 from 2:45 pm: Conference quarter-finals

May 28 from 12.45 pm: semi-finals 1 – from 4.45 pm: semi-finals 2

May 29 1:45 p.m.: Third place match

May 29, 6:45 p.m.: Final

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