June 24, 2024

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, USA

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, USA

The United States is preparing for “catastrophic destruction”: Hurricane “Ida” has reached the coast of Louisiana.

The basics in brief

  • Ida reached the USA with a wind speed of 240 kilometers per hour.
  • Tsunamis, rain and floods are expected in the affected areas.

04.51: Ida continued to lose strength. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) downgraded a Category 2 hurricane (out of five) about nine hours after it hit Louisiana. The National Health Commission announced Sunday (local time) in Miami that the hurricane is now bringing maximum wind speeds of 175 kilometers per hour and stronger storms.

03.15: houses under WaterRoads seem to have turned into rivers, trees have been uprooted, roofs are flying in the air: Photos and videos from coastal areas of southern Louisiana showed first impressions of the devastation caused by Ida early Sunday evening (local time).

Lowland areas southwest of New Orleans, for which evacuation orders were previously issued, were particularly hard hit. Severe damage was also reported in the northernmost small town of Houma, which was directly in the storm’s path. Initially, there was no information about possible injuries or deaths.

The entire city of New Orleans was out of power, the city’s operations center announced. “The only electricity in the city comes from generators,” she said. Approximately 400,000 people live in New Orleans. In the entire coastal region, according to the electricity provider, 620 thousand homes were already without electricity due to the damage caused by the storm. According to Poweroutage.us, there were already approximately 750,000 customers across Louisiana.

02.03: Ida slowly loses power over Louisiana. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) downgraded “Ida” six hours after arriving in Louisiana from four to three. The hurricane is now bringing maximum wind speeds of 195 kilometers per hour and stronger storms, the NHC said in Miami.

The powerful hurricane moved very slowly over the ground, which is why the places on its path were subjected to strong winds for a long time. So experts fear serious damage. According to the NHC, a tropical storm was not expected until late Sunday evening (local time).

01.15: As a result of the severely dangerous Hurricane Ida, more than half a million households in the southern US state of Louisiana are already without electricity. The operations center in New Orleans, home to nearly 400,000 people, said Sunday (local time) that there is still some electricity, but that the number of homes without electricity is increasing “by the minute.” An interactive map from local energy supplier Entergy showed nearly 530,000 homes without electricity.

23.55: The first videos show the strength of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana. A video showing how the wind covers the roof of a huge parking garage in the city of Houmt.

In Galeano, the roof of a hospital was covered:

Another video by Stormchaser Reed Trimmer shows how Homa’s winds blow and it rains constantly.

The damage caused by the hurricane is already severe, as evidenced by this video:

23.14: Even after about four hours over the southern US state of Louisiana, Ida lost a little of its power. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Sunday afternoon (local time) that the hurricane continues to have maximum sustained winds of about 215 kph and stronger storms.

22.24: According to Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, rescue workers will not be able to enter the areas most affected by the storms until Monday morning. As long as a hurricane is still raging over coastal areas, Edwards said, it is extremely dangerous for aides.

Access to coastal areas southwest of New Orleans, where the storm hit Monday afternoon, should initially be available only by helicopter. He said that most of the residents there seemed to have reached safety in time.

21.52: “Ida” according to the statements of the US President Joe Biden A life-threatening storm.

While visiting the US Civil Protection Agency headquarters in Washington, Biden said residents of the affected states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama should follow instructions from local authorities and get to safety. Biden warned that the devastation caused by four of the five hurricanes would likely be “enormous.”

The president also addressed US Gulf Coast residents directly: “I want you to know that we are praying for the best outcome and preparing for the worst.” The Government Biden promised to provide the region with all the help it needs.

20.55: In the southern US state, Louisiana already has tens of thousands of homes without electricity. A good hour after the hurricane hit the coast of Louisiana, the New Orleans operations center reported “widespread power outages.”

An interactive map from local energy supplier Entergy showed about 170,000 households without electricity. According to Poweroutage.us, about 233,000 customers across the state were already without electricity.

20.33: Due to the approach of the dangerous hurricane, several counties in the US state of Louisiana imposed a curfew. For example, in East Baton Rouge, where about 440,000 people live, this applies from Sunday evening to Monday morning, the Baton Rouge mayor said. Twitter.

Hurricane Ida has reached the United States

The center of dangerous hurricane “Ida” hit land in the US state of Louisiana. Hurricane four out of five of The Gulf Of Mexico Coming southwest of New Orleans in Port Fortune, it hit the coast, the National Hurricane Center in Miami announced Sunday.

The commission said the typhoon had a maximum wind speed of about 240 kilometers per hour when it reached the coast. Typically a tornado of this strength, according to the NHC Earth ‘catastrophic’.

The NHC also warns of high tides in the area and heavy rainfall that will lead to flooding.

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