June 20, 2024

How strong is NATO as it is located on the eastern side

How strong is NATO as it is located on the eastern side

American soldiers arrive in Poland on February 9.
Photo: Imago

NATO is increasing its presence – in the Baltic Sea and soon in the southeast. Stoltenberg says another Russian aggression will reinforce this. However, the German increase in commitment is relatively modest.

Jens Stoltenberg summed it up on Thursday: “Another Russian aggression will lead to more NATO presence, not less.” The Secretary-General of the coalition spoke of strengthening the forces on the eastern flank. Next to him was Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister. He spoke of the “most dangerous moment” in “the biggest security crisis that Europe has faced in decades.” He also brought a support package to Brussels before continuing to Warsaw, and a big package at the time. The United Kingdom will double its forces in Estonia to 1,800 soldiers. It also sends 350 Marines to Poland, two naval ships to the eastern Mediterranean, and more combat aircraft to southeastern Europe.

Thomas Gotchaker

Political correspondent for the European Union, NATO and the Benelux countries, based in Brussels.

A number of NATO countries have announced reinforcements on the eastern side in recent days – to the point where it is easy to lose track. This is also due to the fact that various obligations have historically grown. At first there were air police, airspace control in the Baltic states. It began in 2004 when Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined the alliance because none of the three countries had an air force.

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