Hogwarts Legacy – Transgender characters can be created in the character editor

Wizard or magician - or something in between? Wizard or magician – or something in between?

Many Harry Potter fans are eagerly waiting for the Hogwarts Legacy release. The postponement to 2022 has caused bitter disappointment, so fans are delighted with every bit of information about the game. As it is now known, the Hogwarts Legacy Character Editor is much more open than expected.

Free creation for your character

Jason Schreyer from The Magazine Bloomberg I learned from the development team that it would be possible to design your character just the way you wanted. From the character’s voice to the body, whatever your heart desires will be possible.

What distinguishes it? You can design your personality regardless of gender. As a transgender personality, for example, you can choose a masculine-looking voice for a more feminine body.

Spoiled for choice: The only option Hogwarts Legacy will offer you is how you want other students to perceive you and where you sleep. Depending on whether you describe yourself as a wizard or a magician, you will be accommodated in the appropriate dormitory.

Critical phrases incorporate transgender personalities

Incorporating transgender characters is a reaction to Rowling’s critical remarks toward transsexuals, which even movie stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have interacted with. Because of these derogatory terms, the development team worked to make the game as comprehensive as possible.

When the development team called for the implementation of the transsexual characters, there had to be resistance from the management at first. But since people familiar with the project reported to Bloomberg, this type of character customization would be included in the game.

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This is what Hogwarts Legacy is all about

The Hogwarts Legacy story takes place before the events of the Harry Potter books in 19th century England. We will be able to explore Hogwarts and live a normal life as a magical student. The game will be released in 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

An open world game for Harry Potter fans: Hogwarts Legacy - What do we know so far about the Potterverse RPG?


An open world game for Harry Potter fans: Hogwarts Legacy – What do we know so far about the Potterverse RPG?

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Hogwarts with a great moral system

Only Hogwarts Legacy’s player base will be able to freely choose their character. Instead, it would be possible to control the game’s character through a moral system. What exactly the moral order would look like is unfortunately not yet known.

How do you find creating a more open personality?

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