June 24, 2024

Sinking City has been removed from Steam under a DMCA notice from its studio

Sinking City has been removed from Steam under a DMCA notice from its studio

Frogwares, the studio is closed Sharp disagreement with the publisher Nacon In their game Sunken cityA spokesperson for Valve confirmed that he used a DMCA claim to remove it from the Steam storefront.

For MP On Tuesday evening, Valve spokesperson Doug Lombardi said Steam had “received notice to remove DMCA” Sunken city Shipped by Nacon – One of the Frogwares It reminds us of a hacked and pirated version of their game. “That is why we have responded to this declaration,” said Lombardi.

Sunken city It is no longer searchable on Steam itself, and external links to the game’s product page are now directed to the main store.

In a statement to Polygon, Frogwares said the version offered for sale on Steam “contains content over which Nacon has no rights – specifically The Merciful Madness DLC.” The studio said it sent the DMCA opt-out request to Valve because it was “the most effective tool in giving us time to obtain more potential evidence and unlock additional, lengthy, and necessary legal procedures to prevent this from happening again.”

Polygon was directed by a Nacon spokesperson Editor’s statement on Tuesday Due to controversy, he declined to comment on Steam DMCA removal.

In the past, Frogwares has incorrectly relied on allegations of non-payment to refuse to ship the game on Steam. At that point, Nacon said in his statement, they attempted to terminate the contract without success. Nacon said that “despite the ban process that Frogwares created exclusively,” The game will still be available to players on Steam (at least until Tuesday’s removal day) and Frogwares will pay a fee from those sales.

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“By encouraging the game community via Twitter not to purchase the game on Steam, Frogwares is once again sabotaging our investment in the game,” said Nacon.

A representative from Frogwares indicated to Polygon that The Merciful Madness was first created for the Nintendo Switch version of Sunken cityIt was released in the fall of 2019, two months after Nacon launched its releases for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Sunken city “Everything is owned by Frogwares,” the studio representative said. When Frogwares managed to launch the game on other platforms like PS5 (in February) or About Gamesplanet, You have included this downloadable content. “

last summerFrogwares and Nacon will be judged in France (where Nacon is headquartered; Frogwares is headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine). Sunken city. An appeals court ruled in October that Frogwares had unlawfully terminated its contract with Nacon. Although litigation continued, Judge Frogwares ordered “no action to be taken to violate this contract” and “no action to be taken to prevent this action”.

With this decision, Nacon returned to online stores like Steam to start selling Sunken city Appointment. For this purpose, Nacon was entitled to obtain a full copy of the game from Frogwares. Frogwares denies this and defends it in court – in a case the studio said could take years to resolve. That’s why, according to Frogwares, Nacon took the reins to sell the game itself, leading to the release of what Frogwares deemed “hacked” and “pirated”.

Update (March 3rd): A Frogwares actor provided additional notes from the studio explaining his side of the argument.

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The Frogwares developers note, “Nacon made two litigation attempts to obtain a separate court for the Frogwares”. [to] Introduction to Steam Master Edition [of The Sinking City]. Courts rejected both attempts. “

So Frogwares said, “Any updated version of the game that Nacon uploads to Steam cannot be from us.” “The Steam release is technically in legal limbo rather than working with us on a compromise … or wait [for] In the final ruling of the court, Nacon chose instead to break a copy of the game that we correctly provided to a partner (Gamesplanet), add a DLC that they have no rights at all, and try their ways of hiding by removing various watermarks and modifying logos. ”

Frogwares stated that Sunken city Available on Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, Origin and Gamesplanet. All posted by Frogwares. These platforms were not mentioned in our contract with Nacon. ”The studio added that“ it is likely that more platforms will appear in the near future. ”