May 23, 2024

Hit, Celtics players kneel during the national anthem after a day of turmoil

Hit, Celtics players kneel during the national anthem after a day of turmoil

Players from two NBA teams injured their knees during the national anthem Wednesday night after a day of civil unrest in Washington rocked the country and Kenosha prosecutors decided not to press charges against police officers involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Most of the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics have chosen to kneel in solidarity before facing each other.

In a joint statement, the two teams expressed their initial reluctance to play in the match in light of the events of the day, but ultimately decided to do so “to try to bring joy to people’s lives.”

“We play tonight’s match with a sad heart, after yesterday’s decision in Kenosha, and we know that the demonstrators in the capital of our country are treated differently by political leaders depending on which aspect of the specific issues they are dealing with,” the statement said.

“The big difference between the way protesters were treated last spring and summer and the encouragement given to today’s demonstrators who acted illegally only shows how much work we have to do.”

The two teams vowed to continue speaking out loud about what they consider errors.

“We must not forget the grievances in our society, and we will continue to use our voices and our platform to highlight these issues and do everything in our power to work for a more equal and just America.”

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