February 25, 2024

Hidden FritzBox function: Turbo for Internet connection

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The useful routing function speeds up the Internet. © Michael Billmeyer/Imago

the Internet is slow? There couldn't be anything more annoying today. Thanks to the FritzBox function, the network becomes much faster.

Dortmund – AVM's FritzBox has one Unknown function, “Power Mode”, which can significantly increase Internet speed for LAN and USB connections. To do this, users must access the user interface under “fritz.box” in the browser and log in (more Digital In RUHR24).

You can then switch from Green Mode to Power Mode in the LAN Settings area, which increases the data rate from 100 Mbit/s to up to 1000 Mbit/s Rohr24 mentioned. Additional tips, such as using aluminum foil to boost the signal, provide additional ways to improve Wi-Fi range.

This text was generated using artificial intelligence and carefully checked by editor Caroline Stifelmans.

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