June 22, 2024

“He’s my best friend”: Man travels across Canada with his goat

Extraordinary friendship

“He’s my best friend”: Man travels across Canada with his goat

Today, June 1, 2024 | 2:02 p.m

A Canadian farmer spent two weeks traveling the Canadian countryside with his five-month-old billy goat. how CBC Five-month-old billy goat Jimmy endured the journey with his owner Hector Aberdeen, according to reports. After the baby goat was rejected by the mother goat, the farmer raised the young animal after birth as a surrogate mother.

The mother goat rejected the baby after birth

This animal had difficulty feeding with its mother due to its congenital defect. “Mom had two other kids, so she more or less took care of both of them and rejected him right away. So I bottle-fed him since he was born,” Aberdeen told the CBC.

However, despite his best efforts, Aberdeen was unable to successfully reunite Jimmy with his birth family. “But Mom gets wind of it… and then she basically pushes him into a corner with her horns. It’s brutal,” the CBC report said.

After about a week, Aberdeen and Jimmy formed a close bond. “I can’t go anywhere without it or it starts cutting. He wants to know where I am. He needs me,” Aberdeen told CBC.


Aubertin traveled across Canada with a goat

The bond between goat and rancher was so strong that Aberdeen had to take Jimmy on a two-week road trip from St. Stephen to Edmonton. Aberdeen originally didn’t plan to take Jimmy with her on her vacation, but insisted on having the baby goat by her side, she says in the CBC interview.

He set up the back of his truck as a sheepfold, with a box full of blankets and hay. However, Jimmy preferred to sit in the passenger seat, the farmer says: “He was kind of upset the first few days. [meine Tochter], because he has to sit in the back seat. You can tell because every time he comes out, he goes up to her and pushes her or tries to chew her hair.

Jimmy became a sensation during the trip

Jimmy gained national attention and popularity during the tour. “People are surprised everywhere we go,” Aberdeen told the CBC. “He probably took the photo over 100 times.”

As the farmer tells CBC, the goat was well received by most of the people during its journey. So Aubert found several pet-friendly motels willing to accept the cuckolded guest, and often wondered how many businesses would let him with Jimmy. “He listens well,” Aberdeen said. “He’s like a dog, but twice as funny and a little harder to train.”

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