June 20, 2024

Here’s how to see LEGO Ninjago Dragons rising in the UK

First 10 episodes Lego Ninjago Dragons Rising is now streaming in the UK – but the series looks to be a one-platform exclusive.

Dragons Rising is a soft reboot of the 12-year-old theme and marks the beginning of a new era. Lego Ninjago. This is not just due to the products hitting the shelves, but also the associated TV series. The first episodes are currently available to watch on Netflix in territories around the world, you’ll need to watch elsewhere in the UK.

As of today, the first 10 episodes Lego Ninjago Dragons Rising streams exclusively on Stream ITVX. You can find them below”Ninjago: Dragons Rising’ (someone at ITV needs to fix that nonsense) 30-minute episodes each available to watch instantly.

You can stream directly to your PC or Mac using Chrome or Firefox (Safari currently reports an error message) or download the ITVX app to your phone, tablet, console or SMS type TV. ITVX also offers plenty of new and classic content Lego Content to stream including DREAMZzz, Hidden, Ninjago Activities Monkey baby [Die geheime Sprache der Vögel] Proves it once again.

Ninjago In Dragons Rising, multiple empires merge to create an unstable universe as new characters Arin and Sora fight to protect the secret base dragons from the empire’s villains. More episodes will follow in September. However, it is yet to be confirmed if these will also be broadcast in the UK via ITVX. If you’re in the US, you can find them on Netflix.

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