June 23, 2024

Half-naked women abuse deer carcasses

The province of British Columbia in western Canada has two things to offer in addition to the metropolis of Vancouver: beautiful mountains and great forests. An awe-inspiring sight during the day quickly turns terrifying at night. A recent case from the province illustrates this.

The shocking incident is currently rocking the Powell River region in the southwest of the province. Two half-naked women allegedly attacked a dead deer on a property in the city. The disturbing scene was captured by Corinia Stanhope and her grandfather on their wildlife camera, which they set up after finding the dead animal on their property.

The camera footage shows not only various wild animals interested in the corpse, but also the two women apparently mutilating the corpse. ‘They appeared ten minutes after sundown—mangled and disfigured in bed. They seem to be wearing wigs. One of them had blond hair underneath,” Stanhope told news website Kennedy News & Media.

And then it gets weirder: “You can’t see it in the records, but the hoof was brought up to her mouth. I don’t know if she kissed him, smelled him or ate him,” Stanhope said. Media and commentators Brings potential connection to a cult on social media.

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