March 1, 2024

Here Bauer steals Putin's tank

Here Bauer steals Putin’s tank

A video from the conflict in Ukraine goes viral: a local farmer confronts Russian soldiers – and pulls Putin’s tank away.

Ukrainian officials confirmed this “theft” of a Russian tank. – Twitter / EugeneKatchalov

The basics in brief

  • A video clip was said showing how a Ukrainian farmer stole a Russian tank.
  • From the official side of Ukraine, the “theft” was confirmed.

demilitarized! Video showing one farmersAnd the The one with the tractor Russian tank pull. The astonishing spectacle is believed to have taken place in the rural city of Kherson in southern Ukraine.

while local with russian military vehicle Runs away on the hook, the soldier runs after him. The letter Z indicates that the tank is the Russian army belongs.

The official Ukrainian side confirmed the “stealing” of Putin’s tank. Oleksandr Sherpa, Once Upon a Time- UkraineAmbassador In Austria, he writes on his book Twitter– Page in video from Ukraine conflict: «If true, this is likely to be the first armored vehicle ever used by Ukrainian farmers to steal.”

British MP Johnny Mercer quipped: “I’m no expert, but the invasion doesn’t seem to be going well.”

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