France wants to confiscate villas, yachts and cars from the Russians

France wants to confiscate real estate, yachts and luxury cars from Russians close to the government. At the request of President Macron, all these goods will be checked.

The basics in brief

  • France is considering confiscating luxury goods from pro-government Russians.
  • President Macron wants to confiscate real estate, yachts and luxury cars.
  • In addition, the state wants to take action against Russian propaganda.

«We have identified all Russian personalities who have property in France and who, due to their close ties to the government European Union“Sanctions can be added,” French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said in Paris on Monday. “We will use legal means to confiscate all these goods,” he said.

At the request of the president Emmanuel Macron will offline All property of the Russians which have already been examined, and which have already been affected by the sanctions, said Le Maire. These included in particular real estate, yachts and luxury cars. Many wealthy Russians set up summer residences on the French Cote d’Azur. Also in the ports are many luxury yachts from Russian owners.

For its part, Greece announced that it will not extend or issue new residence permits to Russians who wish to invest in Greece. Ten Greeks were killed in Russian attacks in Ukraine on Saturday.

Measures against planned advertising

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian also wants action against it “very soon”. “Russian Propaganda Devices” Capture capture seizes. The European Union On Sunday, he decided to ban Russian state media professionals RT and Sputnik.

The president of RT France called it a “violation of the rule of law and freedom of expression”. the decision It has no justificationThe station chief Zhenya Fedorova wrote Twitter. RT says it employs 176 people in France, including more than 100 journalists.

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