May 21, 2024

Help from Eching brings Finn's battle back to life

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The Isching Neighborhood Charity Association around Bettina Nowak (left), Hani Hatvani (second from right) and Dinka Pralas Fischer (right) donated €1,000 to Finn's mother, Victoria Zettel. The family lives in the Rosenheim area, and Finn's brother plays football for SV Hemstetten in the Munich area. Photos: Wu/Screenshot © Wu/Screenshot

Eching Neighborhood Charity and ice cream shop Vaniglia raised around €2,000 for little Vinny, who was in a coma after contracting the infection.

Etching – It has now been about three months since the life of the Zettl family from the Rosenheim district changed dramatically – and nothing is the same anymore: The youngest of Victoria and Mike Zettl's three sons, seven-year-old Finn, fell seriously ill in January. A flu-like infection developed and turned out to be a superinfection with a combination of pneumonia, influenza and streptococcus, as Finn had to be resuscitated in hospital after cardiac and respiratory arrest. Since this tragic event, which also led to severe epilepsy, the boy is now in a rehabilitation clinic in a vegetative-like state after intensive care and artificial coma.

Seven-year-old Vinnie 'will never be the same again'

His mother says of her son's fate: “He will never be the same again.” For his entire family, including his two older brothers Paul, who plays football for SV Hemstetten in neighboring Munich, and Lukas, the health and future of Vinny, as everyone calls him, is a heavy burden.

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Through the initiative of Victoria Zettel's close friend, Dinka Pralas-Fischer, who is active in the Ischinger Neighborhood Help Centre, the local non-profit association became aware of the exceptional situation of the family of five and decided very quickly to support them: “In order to be able to return to life With Finney's battle, “we are helping to at least somewhat mitigate the financial challenges of the tragedy,” the NBH team agreed — and donated proceeds from the two clothing and bulk bazaars that just took place The amount reaches 1,000 euros.” Moreover: “It is affirmation for many of our volunteers when you know exactly who benefits from this effort: this is an incentive for all of us to help the neighbors.”

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The family home now needs to be converted to make it accessible to people with disabilities

Since Finn currently (and perhaps in the future) uses a wheelchair, a larger car would have to be purchased and the first-floor house, which the family moved into only last year in the nearby village of Feldkirchen-Westerham (Rosenheim district), would have to be converted to make it wheelchair accessible so that It can be accessed without obstacles. “We are so grateful,” says mother Victoria Zittel. “We cannot take this support for granted.” She extends her personal thanks not only to the help provided by the neighborhood, but also to Alessandro Libero, owner of the Italian ice cream shop Vanilla, who also supported his fundraising initiative with the help of Eching customers, and was able to raise nearly 800 euros.

Good to know: If you would like to help Zettel and Finny's little family, you can do so via the help center in the Eching district: