March 2, 2024

Hard Facts (and Megan)

Hard Facts (and Megan)

nAlthough the light topics have been dealt with mainly – games, nonsense, mystery – at this point in the past few weeks, we want to deal with the hard facts again today. And you can find it on Science Alert website, for example,, in which news and interesting facts, mainly from the field of natural sciences, are carefully curated.

The site is updated several times a day and is dedicated to a variety of categories – they can be accessed directly from the navigation point “Sections”: from space to health to physics and technology. This is by no means a boring run of questionable press releases or advance publications. Instead, independent and well-researched texts are presented. and an editorial team of 11 professionals – the team consists of journalists and scientists.

The site is funded exclusively by an advertising banner. Although this sounds like an article in his presentation, it was revealed by advertising notice and mostly regular content (“How does Meghan Markle look without makeup”). Of course, the editorial team clearly rejects any editorial influence for advertisers. If you wish, you can use the “Trending” button to recall the most read messages and the “Recent” button to recall the most recent messages. The only drawback: the contributions are written in English. Advertising is only in German.

Now for our puzzle: Find a Google search query whose first search result is related to Science Alert. The query must consist of exactly two words in which neither the letter “N” nor the letter “T” appears. Please send your proposed solution to [email protected]. The closing date for entries is November 17, 2021, at 9 PM. Last week, Animal Carnival would have been the right answer, and the winner was notified in writing.