Great Britain: Princess Charlotte strengthens butterflies with a beautiful picture – panorama

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Members of the royal family are committed to protecting the environment.

Photo: dpa / Matt Porteous

With a cute new photo of Princess Charlotte, the royal family announces participation in the Butterfly Census in Great Britain.

from red / d b a

07/08/2021 – 2:53 pm

LONDON – Prince William, 39, and his wife, Duchess Kate, 39, have announced a butterfly project with a photo of their daughter, Charlotte. A picture spread on social networking sites of the British royal couple, on Saturday, showed the six-year-old girl, focused and cautious, holding an admiral butterfly in her hand.

With this, members of the royal family asked the British to take part in a large census of butterflies. In the post on Twitter and Instagram, she said that butterflies are not only beautiful creatures, but are also extremely important to the ecosystem as pollinators and part of the natural food chain.

The counting began on July 16 and continues through Sunday. Participants can report butterfly sightings via the app. Environmentalists fear that a warm April followed by a cold snap in May will have a bad effect on this year’s number.

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