February 24, 2024

Great Britain is plagued by plague of ditches

For years Great Britain has been threatening to become a great pit.

You can whisper about dilapidated bridges in Germany, joke about why new motorways need to be renovated after a few years – and realize: German roads are not so bad. Don't you believe? Just ask the British, who celebrate National Bottle Day on January 15 every year. A day especially for all the pits on the island. Critics quip that some streets are as potholed as Swiss cheese.

According to calculations, a pit appears every 250 meters

The problem is not new. Already that The Beatles In 1967 they complained about the state of local roads. “I read the news today, oh boy, four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire”, 4000 holes in Blackburn alone in North West England. Shaun Murray, a driving school teacher from Blackburn, reckons the road problem has only gotten worse since then. Dem Guardian Anyway, he said: “There are 40,000 today.”

When British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited County Durham, he examined the sinkhole problem himself.

Photo: Stephen Rousseau/Press Association/PA Archives, dpa

Expanded to the entire country, a lot comes together. Transport service provider RAC estimates there are one million potholes. About how a “pothole” appears every 250 meters in England and Wales.

So what to do? Is there hope in the government that has promised the equivalent of almost 10 billion euros in the fight against the “plague of potholes”? Or take a pragmatic approach to the subject like music star Rod Stewart? He personally filled a hole near his property, and of course he filmed it. Or one hopes that artificial intelligence will exist in the form of anti-robots that will soon identify and fill potholes. It also has an appropriate Beatles title. “Fixing a Hole”.

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