June 21, 2024

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Great Britain: Deportations Continue – Comment

The new British prime minister has already made one point ahead of the chancellor: Lis Truss’s cabinet better reflects the diversity of society than the cabinet in Germany. For the first time in Britain’s history, there are no white men in any of the three key portfolios. The foreign minister’s mother is from Sierra Leone, the home minister’s mother is from Mauritius and the finance minister’s mother is from Ghana. They are not the only members of the government whose ancestors once emigrated to Britain. The British Cabinet is a reflection of the country’s diversity in terms of race and gender. The diversity at the top of the state so often claimed in Germany is a reality in Great Britain. That’s good.

Withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights? That too is worth thinking about

However, those who believe that government in London will be more cosmopolitan as a result are sorely mistaken. In the person of Suella Braverman, for example, there is a new Home Secretary who is in no way inferior to her right-wing conservative predecessor, Priti Patel. It would persist in deporting some asylum seekers to Rwanda or elsewhere. It also does not change the fact that people leaving Ukraine must apply for a visa before coming to the UK. If Braverman has his way, the UK may soon withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights as well.

As diverse as Liz Truss’s cabinet is, it is politically homogenous. The new prime minister has gathered around her hard-line Brexiteers, including many children of immigrants, and the irony of history is ensuring that the borders are now tight. Possible. Even under Liz Truss, Great Britain will continue to isolate itself in line with Brexit ideology. The new British government will certainly not make it easier for people from all over the world to immigrate to this great country.

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