June 24, 2024

Great Britain charges an entry fee from October

The UK has announced that it will introduce Electronic Travel Authorizations (ETAs) in October. But tourists must pay a fee of £10 for this.

Similar to the ESTA system in the USA, Great Britain will also replace its current electronic visa waiver system with a new ETA system this year. From 2024, European tourists who were not previously subject to the entry regulations will also have to show their ETA registration when entering Great Britain. According to a report before abouttravel.ch The UK plans to charge £10 for this.

Valid for two years

In the future, travelers will have to pay £10 to get an Electronic Travel Authorization, the so-called ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). First of all, this regulation applies to tourists from Qatar. From February 2024, citizens of the remaining Gulf countries will also have to provide proof of ETA registration. Within the next year, citizens of the member states of the European Union, Switzerland and the United States of America will be required to do so. The ETA is an online form that must be completed before you travel. There is also an option to apply for the form via a mobile app. Once an ETA has been issued, a person can visit the UK several times over the course of two years. When applying, travelers must enter personal and biometric data. They must also answer so-called “aptitude questions”.

Similar models already exist around the world, especially in North America. An ESTA from the US is now $21 and the validity period is also two years. Planned by the European Union ETIAS, whose implementation has been delayed until 2024It will cost seven euros and is valid for three years.

The cost of ETA is among the cheapest in the world compared to comparable international regulations […].

Robert Jenrick, UK Minister for Immigration

With the introduction of the ETA, the UK intends to make security checks and immigration processes more efficient. But the system has also faced criticism. Joss Croft OBE, chief executive of Yokonpound, said he was concerned about the competitiveness of prices in the UK due to a slew of taxes and costs, such as high value-added tax for hospitality and criminally high air transport tax.

Unfortunately, imposing a fee to enter the UK will only exacerbate this situation and potentially create an additional barrier to growth in international visits to the UK.

Joss Croft OBE, CEO of YokenBound

Entry fee conclusion

Tourists who wish to travel to the UK in the coming year must first complete an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). They also have to pay an entry fee of £10 for this. With the introduction of the new system, security checks and immigration processes should be more efficient.