March 3, 2024

Google is already rebuilding Chrome for Android

Google is already rebuilding Chrome for Android

Google’s private browser is already expecting a generous revamp. This time it’s an overview of the tab again, but also the new tab (NTP). Google is currently testing various tweaks for both domains, which initially appeared only with a handful of users. I don’t think any of these things are too bad, but the current changes aren’t just popular with fans. Going back to the old tab view (card deck) is still not expected.

Chrome for Android: Google tests new tab and new tab overview

The following two screenshots show at a glance what Google is currently rebuilding on the Chrome browser for Android. On the other hand, this is the new tab, which previously showed a search bar showing the most visited websites and content discovery. However, in the future, there will also be a selection of recently opened tabs. In order to create the required space, the Google logo is now displayed much smaller.

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