July 14, 2024

The pre-sale of the cheat program has already begun… • Eurogamer.de

The pre-sale of the cheat program has already begun… • Eurogamer.de

Cheats are already available for Battlefield 2042. This indicates potential security flaws in the game.

Obviously there will be cheats in Battlefield 2042. However, the fact that these were already sold out – two months before the game’s release – is not a good omen for all Battlefield 2042 fans who want a carefree gaming experience.

What are these frauds? One of the sites that we deliberately do not name in order not to support this illegal service is currently marketing and selling cheats for Battlefield 2042. The information comes from a website Video By YouTuber Lossy, who covered this early scam.

According to him, the website should offer a complete package of all the annoying scams you can imagine for an online shooter. For example, targets, cheat radars, and ESPs, which display user information about each player on the map.

If you cheat, you deserve a knife in your back or no room in your face – so only in the game of course.

The upcoming beta is a hit for everyone who wants to test the newly acquired scams beforehand. Or maybe it turns out that these don’t work at all. For EA and DICE, this will be the most pleasant result.

What are DICE and EA doing about the problem? Since the website markets the cheat software as “undetected,” the studio may have overlooked something during development. The spread of this message should raise alarm bells for developers and publishers and give them an impetus to research the potential vulnerability in the system.

After all, the studio still has a full two months to fix the vulnerabilities before the game is released on October 22, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, and PC.

Additionally, it has already been confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will use Anti-Cheat in Alpha Easy (thanks, MP1st). Next week we’ll see if the software is enough to stop the beta cheating wave when the beta phase begins on September 4th for pre-orders and on September 6th for all other players.