May 23, 2024

Game Pass clearly beats PS Plus

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass offer a similar service, but it’s hard to compare.

Xbox Game Pass successfully brought the subscription model of Netflix, Spotify, and co. into the gaming world. Since then, players have been able to choose from a wide range of titles for a small monthly fee. PS Plus now works quite similarly, albeit with color gradients.

As part of the confusion surrounding Activision’s planned acquisition of Blizzard King by Microsoft, Sony has now announced that Game Pass will be vastly superior to its PS Plus subscription. Of course, that sounds a little strange if your show is notorious here.

According to Sony, Game Pass and PS Plus can’t compare

Sony is still interested in blocking the takeover if possible. That’s why company officials argue that Microsoft will upset the competitive balance. Sony also fears CoD subversion.

But it’s not just about Call of Duty again, it’s also about Game Pass. According to Sony, it’s fundamentally so much better than its Sony counterpart that an Activision acquisition would shift the entire balance in Sony’s favour.

in one of the many Court documents The following can be read from Sony:

When it comes to MGS [multi-game subscription services, also Spiele-Abos] There’s absolutely no doubt that Game Pass PlayStation Plus is way ahead of the game.”

Sony may be right about that. After all, Microsoft put its subscription service in place some time ago and is constantly expanding it. The range now includes over 400 games and leaves nothing to be desired.

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Sony redesigned the PS Plus subscription relatively recently. The different levels make the offering a bit more complex and not all of the classic titles available in the bonus and premium offering work as well as hoped.

Here you can compare the two subscriptions:

What about the acquisition now? Good question! This is still not confirmed. The deal was originally planned to move forward in 2023. But whether this can really work remains to be seen. There’s still a lot that just can’t be beat about the whole thing right now.

How do you see it when you know both: which of the two subscription services do you like better, PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass?