October 3, 2023

FTC and CMA – Status of Play Friday Morning / Xbox News

Yesterday, after losing in court, the FTC announced that it would appeal. What happened here overnight? Also in Great Britain, there are new considerations on the part of Microsoft regarding CMA.

Microsoft is currently working right at home with the planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Tuesday’s ruling in favor of Xbox leaves the FTC very little room to block the deal, but the appeal wants to use its last chance again.

The appeal has since been submitted to Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley, giving her an opportunity to reconsider Tuesday’s decision. However, as expected, it did not do so and denied the FTC’s request. The case is now being referred to the San Francisco Court of Appeals. Given the urgency, the first statement could be made on Friday, that is, in this country during Saturday night.

All eyes also remain on the UK, where the CMA and Microsoft have agreed to suspend the appeals process to sit down, discuss and resolve the CMA’s cloud gaming competition issues.

According to a Bloomberg report, Microsoft is now considering going public or selling its cloud gaming business in the UK — telecoms, gaming and internet companies have been named as potential partners. Microsoft will no longer be a competitor in this segment and CMA may agree to acquire Activision Blizzard. However, none of this has been reported yet.

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