June 19, 2024

Forward Terrence Boyd comments on FCK’s trip to the US – Soccer

1. FC Kaiserslautern started pre-season preparations on Monday, and on Tuesday the team traveled to the training camp in the USA. The trip is especially for striker Terrence Boyd.

Terrence Boyd is looking forward to seeing an old acquaintance again in the friendly match between 1. FC Kaiserslautern and US second-division club Louisville City, part of the Red Devils’ US training camp. “I played with their coach in the U-20 national team. It’s funny how small the world is,” said the striker of the second-division football team before the confrontation with the American second-division club coached by Danny Cruz on Thursday evening (02:00). am/cest).

Boyd is looking forward to another friendly against Minnesota

The Red Devils’ trip to the US is something special for Boyd, although the 32-year-old has spent little time in the States. “My dad is from Queens, New York. I only lived there for a year as a kid and then I grew up in Bremen,” said the forward. He does not yet know Louisville in the US state of Kentucky. “But I heard there is good whiskey,” he said with a smile.


In SWR Sport’s “Nur der FCK” podcast, managing director Thomas Heingen looks back on last season from some distance. It also reveals details about the team’s layout.

On June 29, the Palatinate will play a second friendly against MLS club Minnesota United FC on their trip to America. Although it is primarily a marketing excursion, Boyd is looking forward to the get-togethers. “We’d be stupid if we didn’t do it with Rammstein Air Base, which is near Kaiserslautern, in the background,” said the former US international.

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