May 18, 2024

Formula E is set to start in Vancouver in 2022

Formula E is set to start in Vancouver in 2022

( – Formula E is set to start in Vancouver, Canada in 2022. Corresponding plans to organize the series were hinted at by Vancouver City Council on Wednesday evening (local time). The panel voted in a ratio of 9: 1 for an app that includes a concept with Formula E-Prix and other events.

Formula E will be held in Vancouver in 2022

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He reads the proposal decided by the city council [im typischen Behörden-Duktus]: “Confirmation of support for the Formula E World Championship race through a conference on climate change and sustainability, a musical and cultural event and the Canada electric car race.”

Formula E’s return to Canada was driven by Montreal-based One Stop Strategy Group, which was responsible for organizing the E-Prix in Bern in 2019. OSS Group CEO Matthew Carter said: “Formula E contacted us to find a city that will host a race in Canada”. “We decided Vancouver was the best.

The race is scheduled for July 2022. There are also concrete plans for the race track around False Creek, which have been approved by City Council. At this point, the CART / ChampCar series had already run a street circuit between 1990 and 2004. There should be room for 56,000 spectators on the makeshift stands.

With the E-Prix race and accompanying events, Vancouver wants to boost tourism, which has largely been halted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “What we offer is a lot more than just Formula E racing,” confirms OSS Group President Carter.

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“The three components with a business conference, concerts and race are a unique concept, even for Formula E. We hope we can present it in Vancouver and prove the concept works,” he says. If the Vancouver concept succeeds, it could be the blueprint for future Formula E events, Carter hopes.

So far, Formula E has visited Canada once. In the 2016/17 season, the final match of the season was played in a “double header” with two races in Montreal. Audi driver Lucas de Grassi took the championship title in a dramatic finale.