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Austria’s dependence on gas has fallen to less than 50%.

Austria’s conservative, green government sees progress in cutting and storing Russian natural gas. “We have already stored more than 50 TWh of the required 76 TWh.”Chancellor Karl Nehamer (ÖVP) said Monday evening after a crisis summit in the Chancellery on the subject of energy supplies. “This is a clear achievement, especially when you consider that we started in March with more than 15 TWh of stored gas.”

According to Environment Minister Leonor Goesler (Greens), dependence on Russian gas has fallen to less than 50 percent. Previously, up to 80 percent of the natural gas consumed in the country came from Russia. Besides Germany, Austria was one of the countries most at risk. Currently, about 55 percent of annual consumption is stored in storage facilities. The minister emphasized that the goal of filling the natural gas storage tanks by 80% with the start of the heating period is still achievable. It contributed to the fact that all storage facilities in the country became usable.

“Since 6 a.m. this morning, storage is also going on in the Haidash warehouse,” he said. Gosler continued. The previously unused storage facility on the Bavarian border is owned in part by Russia’s Gazprom. The energy giant recently stopped using the storage facility. So the government decided to fill the reservoir by law. (Reuters)

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