Buying PS5 from Amazon: This week’s UK drop – what does that mean for Germany?


The PS5 hasn’t been available for purchase on Amazon for a long time. It fell in the UK this week. A good sign, because there may be a dip again in Germany soon.

Will the PlayStation 5 go on sale again on Amazon this week?

Amazon has been quiet about the PS5 in recent weeks. But the sales outage ended last Wednesday. We’ll tell you what the selling opportunities are this week.

Status on July 28

9:00 pm: This week you had the opportunity to purchase a PS5 bundled with Horizon Forbidden West via Amazon UK. Some users were also able to order via Amazon Germany via detours. However, field reports on the net say that many of them have been canceled by the merchant.

However, the UK drop bodes well for all PS5 hunters. Because after a long “month of silence” at the big email company, you could have ordered again for the first time. Therefore, you should also visit Amazon often in this country.

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Because the chances are increasing that there will be another drop here soon. On the other hand, PS5 usually goes on sale quite often at the end of the month. On the other hand, Amazon often sells out the console on Wednesdays. Could it be early tomorrow?

In order to purchase PS5 from the online store, you will likely need a Prime membership. If you are not an Amazon Prime customer yet, you can sign up for a trial membership via the following link.

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PS5 Consoles and Bundles on Amazon

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Buying PS5 abroad

It might be worth taking a look at the neighboring countries. There can be sales on Amazon France, Italy, UK or Spain. So keep an eye on these pages and follow our tips for buying PS5 abroad.

However, we cannot guarantee that you will also be able to conclude a sale transaction abroad. In the past few weeks, consoles at other European Amazon stores in the region have been closed. This means that you can only buy PS5 online if you live in the respective country. It remains unclear whether this approach will become a standard.

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Solid State Drives on Amazon

If you can’t get a console yet, you can stock up on popular accessories as well.

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If you have performed a firmware update, you can simply install compatible SSDs in the console and significantly expand the memory.

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