May 21, 2024

Mars has a lot of investment imagination

Mars has a lot of investment imagination

Mars sparks investment imaginations

Mars becomes a symbol of a race between state and private space travelers. NASA jumps in a helicopter and Elon Musk wants stability. There is a race ahead, comparable to the first settlers heading west to discover the new USA. It’s a journey of epic proportions, an attempt to seize land, make claims and of course run over the raw materials. New gold rush.

Technology has made huge leaps in recent years, and artificial intelligence is helping to improve itself. At the same time, technology has led to an enormous accumulation of money in the hands of a few companies and individuals. Money is available in such quantities that government agencies can only watch with envy How billions are being burned somewhat like game money to serve individuals’ ambitions in space.

Earthly comeback

Billions – and now he’s terrestrial again – are actually being spent today. The investments open up new areas of technology and business that drive the economy and create their own boom. Ideas and developments are already generating real profits in related industries and companies.

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The exchange rewards sales and profits, rewards patents in progress, and rewards new products and services. If the future is traded on a stock exchange, doing business with Mars is a great future. A future that will produce many inventions. Patents that drive the economy and fuel illusions. A future for visions who use their earthly wealth to reach Mars.

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As an investor, it makes no sense to rely on insights when making investment decisions. However, it makes sense to note which direction the flight is going, whether the problems are worsening or weakening. The topic of space travel – departure to Mars – is gaining momentum. It can only be invested indirectly. But it’s like a gold rush here: Those selling shovels and sieves get rich, too. Therefore, as an investor, it is a good idea to stay on the ground and collect profits from the beneficiaries.

About the Author: Uwe Zimmer

Uwe Zimmer is a financial expert in Cologne.