June 23, 2024

Fans bring Ocarina of Time to PC

Fans bring Ocarina of Time to PC

From Oliver Jaeger
An unofficial PC port of the 1998 original Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released as a Harkanian ship fan project. It should be noted that the parties involved need the original ROM to export the assets to avoid legal problems.

The Legend of Zelda fans have now released their own PC version of Ocarina of Time, which the Nintendo owner had previously only released on its consoles. The fan project is called “Ship of Harkanian”, and it is currently compatible with Windows only, and according to the decision makers it aims to offer a new gaming experience for PC while introducing some new features at the same time. For release, the developers have a file Introductory video on specially prepared YouTube channel uploading has been done.

OoT PC port with many features

Existing features are said to include HD graphics, widescreen, keyboard, controller and mod support, as well as force feedback (clatter) and gyroscope controls. The developers also list features that are currently being worked on and that will be included in the PC port of Ocarina of Time in the future. This includes: text-to-speech, visual feedback, 60fps frame rate, easter eggs, dual camera controls, scripting system, HD and audio forms, texture packs, online elements, support for Linux and macOS .

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The legal gray area must be considered

Harkanian ship departs Project Discord Server Download. However, in order to use the PC port appropriately, players will need their legally purchased ROM from the original The Legend of Zeld: Ocarina of Time in order to combine Zelda’s commercial assets and thus Nintendo’s property with the PC port features that relate to her. This is intended to avoid legal issues with the owners, which is usually the order of the day these fan projects are published. How Nintendo will react to Ship of Harkanian remains to be seen, and the company is unlikely to be sympathetic to the PC port of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

source: Youtube Across computer games