April 23, 2024

Even Windows 11 isn't that great: an alternative with a great design

Ubuntu forms the basis of Zorin OS, although kernels from version 22.04 are now used. This provides the advantage that you can either install the operating system or try it in live mode. With this derivative you get an operating system based on very stable substrates. As usual with beginner-friendly distributions, Zorin OS also has a large selection of pre-installed software.

The stable version of LibreOffice is used as the office suite, and the pre-installed browser is Firefox. In addition to the usual Gimp image editing software, Zorin OS also offers some other useful programs. In contrast to Ubuntu, for example, the mail client used is not Thunderbird, but PIM Evolution. Additional software can be installed via the Software Manager or manually as Debian packages.

The Windows Wine emulator is recommended for Windows software users – the basic option to run Windows software under Linux is also available. Overall, Zorin OS offers a well-thought-out selection of software without overloading it.

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