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There is a short teaser for IGN gameplay too vocal boundaries surfaced. This gives us a brief first look at the actual gameplay. With this we also see the open world, which Sonic can explore at high speed. In June, IGN wanted to add more material.

Reach new heights in this new type of experience, enjoying the freedom of open areas at high speed. Drift across the Starfall Islands and face powerful enemies against a stunning backdrop of deep forests, rushing waterfalls, roaring deserts and more!

“Sonic Frontiers is a huge step forward for the franchise, delivering a cutting-edge gaming experience that can be enjoyed by long-time Sonic fans and action and adventure enthusiasts alike,” said Takashi Izuka, Creative Officer, Sonic-Team-USA.

“Thanks to the efforts of the talented developers in the Japanese Sonic team, we have created an all-new Sonic the Hedgehog gaming experience, allowing players to quickly explore lush and expansive landscapes and Sonic’s signature skills. There are twists around every corner in Sonic Frontiers.”

Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to launch in late 2022 for all existing platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Sonic Frontiers gets an all-German version. This means that there will be not only German translations, but German voices as well.

Gameplay teaser for Sonic Frontiers


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Artwork: Sonic Frontiers, Sega

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