European comparison of top female managers – Germany is in 12th place: Norway, France and Great Britain are in the lead, and Greece, Luxembourg and Poland are in the back.

European Woman on Boards (EWOB) surveyed 668 European companies to find out how many female CEOs they have at the top. The results were realistic: not much progress was made. No wonder, then, that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen now wants an EU-wide women’s quota for supervisory boards of 40 per cent.

Nine years ago, EU Justice Commissioner Vivien Reding demanded the same, but then-chancellor Angela Merkel rejected it.

In detail: Germany is in 12th place according to EWOB analysis, and the top three are Norway, France and Great Britain. Greece, Luxembourg and Poland appear behind.

Here is the full list of countries in Europe and how far they have promoted women to senior positions:

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