Canada continues military training mission for UNIFER in Ukraine

Canada extends UNIFER’s military training mission to Ukraine’s military for six months.

This is the Canadian newspaper reports The Globe and Mail Citing its own sources in the Government of Canada.

“Official Ottawa intends to extend the mandate of the military training mission in Ukraine for another six months and is considering increasing the number of trainers and sending weapons and defense equipment to Kiev,” it added.

It concerns the possible delivery of firearms, night vision goggles, helmets, armored weapons and radio equipment to the Ukrainian armed forces. She said the provision of intelligence and cybersecurity data was also being considered.

At the same time, the interlocutors made it clear that Canada is not ready to provide Ukraine with anti-tank weapons, as Britain did.

As part of the UNIFIER training mission, about 200 Canadian soldiers are stationed at the Yavoriv training ground in Ukraine in the west of the country.

The mandate of the current UNIFIL mission expires in March. If it is not extended by then, the Canadian military will leave Ukraine.

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