February 23, 2024

Enjoy Lego sets in virtual reality

Klemmbausteinlyrik’s YouTube channel lets you view entire Lego sets in virtual reality. With Meta Quest TV and DeoVR, you can get up to 8K resolution.

The YouTube channel Klemmbausteinlyrik has been producing reviews, news and interviews on the Lego topic for over 12 years. I watched VR videos from the main channel and the secondary channel VRBricks, which showcase Lego sets in VR.

LEGO in VR – very close

You can only see Lego buildings this close in real life. The videos show the latest sets, such as the Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser, the Concorde or the Natural History Museum in VR, which for me provide great added value.

With VR headsets like the Quest 3 I use, I get a detailed view of Lego sets. The videos are shot so close up that the sets in my VR perspective look even larger than the real sets. This means I can get a closer look at even the smallest components.

The channel showcases the potential of this medium to content creators through reviews and background information in VR. For anyone who wants a detailed overview before purchasing a particular Lego set, or simply wants to take a look at new sets, I recommend taking a closer look.

Watch Lego sets via YouTube, Meta Quest TV, and DeoVR

With the Youtube VR app, you can watch all videos published by Klemmbausteinlyrik / VRBricks in up to 4K resolution. 8K videos were shot using a Canon R5 with dual fisheye lens.

You can watch 8K videos with Meta Quest TV or DeoVR. Both apps can be downloaded for free. On DeoVR, the channel is called Caulius VR And in Meta Quest TV You can find VRBricks named Caulius.

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