May 23, 2024

EM Qualification: Natty gets a Dietitian on the team

EM Qual

“10 Years Too Late” – Natty gets a dietitian on the team

The Swiss national team is expanding its squad. In addition to two new athletic trainers, the association is also bringing two nutritionists to the team – with a little delay, Natty’s director Pierluigi Tammy admits.


Eduardo Parra García (right) is now in charge of the national team’s sports training.

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  • The Swiss national team has increased its staff.

  • In addition to a new coach and athletic assistant, the team now includes nutritionists and another cook.

  • “We want to become more professional,” says Natty’s director Pierluigi Tammy.

Nati increased. However, not with Murat Yakin’s players, but with the crew. According to Natty manager Pierluigi Tammy, the move was badly needed. At the World Cup in Qatar, Switzerland had the smallest number of 32 participants. In its analyzes the association was able to identify a lot of potential for improvement, particularly in the areas of performance and nutrition. In addition to two athletic trainers, two nutritionists and an additional chef joined the Swiss national team.

The science of nutrition in the professional sports sector is by no means new. “Yes, we are ten years late,” admits the manager of the Ticino national team. Tammy, who has been in charge of the national team since 2018, had already planned changes in the year before last. “Because of the change of coach from Vladimir Petkovic to Murat Yakin, we initially had other priorities,” said the 61-year-old.

He worked as a sports coach for Real Madrid

When it comes to raising staff, the association draws on a lot of Spanish knowledge. New sports coach Eduardo Parra Garcia (43 years old) has previously worked with clubs such as Real Madrid, West Ham United, Inter Milan, Liverpool and, most recently, Nice. Nutritionists Antonio Molina Lopez and Heliodoro Moya Amaya also recommend professional clubs such as Watford and Udinese with their company. They are supported by the Italian chef Francesco Baraldo Sano.

With Parra-Garcia, the association hired an athletics coach for the first time with a full-time workload. In the case of his predecessor Oliver Ridwell (47), who left the national team after eight and a half years, this was not possible due to various other projects. Para Garcia is assisted by Jose Luis Estevez Rodriguez.

Better cooperation with clubs

An important reason for expansion: the federation wants to significantly improve cooperation between the national team and the clubs. Athletics coach Parra García will now also take care of the conditional programs for the national team players between the international breaks in collaboration with the clubs concerned.

The same applies to the field of nutrition. “We want to become more professional,” explains Pierluigi Tammi. It is hoped that important data can be obtained through regular testing and controls. “This can be especially helpful when you’ve been together for a long time — like during a tournament,” says Tammy.

At first glance, some of the innovations are already recognizable. After training, fresh fruit cups and shakes are available to players. “Things always change when new people come in and bring their own ideas and processes,” says goalkeeper Jan Sommer.

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