June 14, 2024

3-0 win in game four – clear train pushes semi-final door wide open – Sport

  • Eve Zug wins Game 4 of the quarter-final against Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 3-0.
  • Gregory Hoffmann put Zug ahead and Dario Simeone and Justin Abdelkader doubled in the final third.
  • Zug leads 3-1 in the series and still needs a win to advance to the semi-finals.
  • The ZSC Lions get to rest in Davos.

It’s a scene that, later in the game, should continue to be a source of discussion, especially on the part of Rapperswil-Jonas. In the 51st minute, Zug and Lakers forward Jan Kovar made a break in the no-man’s-land. While Kovar got away without consequence for his borderline provocations – including the Czech player shoving his opponent in the back – Wek was sent into the penalty area two minutes later to bash him with a stick.

After 29 seconds, Zug made it 2-0 thanks to Dario Simeone. The striker was there after rebounding in front of Melvin Niffler. Reaction from the Lakers failed against Zug’s defensive clarification. Justin Abdelkader made the final decision three minutes from time with a blank copy. And with that, EVZ could make a perfect Friday semi-final entry.

tame start

After three unsavory duels, the teams first showed their disciplined side. The home team posted slight advantages, but the really big chances didn’t materialize at the moment. Zug celebrated the opening goal only at the stage when the guests from Rapperswil-Jona became more dangerous. Gregory Hoffmann, who moved into Zug’s first line of attack, skillfully finished off a great one-on-one game to make it 1-0. Lakers defender Leandro Profico previously started Zug’s offense with a bad pass that had devastating consequences.


Score one goal each for Zug

Gregory Hoffmann and Dario Simeon.

Benjamin Soland/Fresh Fox

The fine details ended after halfway through the game at the latest. At this point, 7,200 spectators at the sold-out Zug ice rink watched the best scenes of the game. First the puck hit the Lakers (34th), and a little later Zug defender Niko Gross slipped as the last man. Sandro Furer and Nico Donner managed to attack Zoger Tor on their own, but failed due to Leonardo Genone, who was quickly transforming.

Zug’s goalkeeper was unbeatable in the final third either. He made 22 tackles in his fifth shutout of the season.