June 19, 2024

EC 2022 International Championship - Duplantis defends his title - Paul with third gold - Sports

EC 2022 International Championship – Duplantis defends his title – Paul with third gold – Sports

  • As expected, Armand Duplantis won the pole vault gold
  • Fimic Ball completes 400m gold treble
  • You can find more information about decisions regarding Switzerland here.

Pole Vault Men: Alberto Early in the Triumph of Duplantis

Armand Duplantis defended the European title he won four years ago in Berlin. When Germany’s Bo Kanda Lita Baehre, cheered by the crowd, who surprisingly took the silver, jumped to 5.95m, the Swede’s victory was certain. Then he jumped with a height of 6.06 meters, which increased his previous record at the European Championships by one centimeter. Due to the cold conditions, he decided not to try to set a world record.

And bronze went to Norway’s Pal Haugen Lillefosse (5.75m). Rano Lavillenie (France) is a gambler. The previous world record holder crossed 5.75 m, but broke three times at 5.85 m.

The Swiss Dominic Alberto, who jumped 5.65 m in qualifying, failed three times at the start with a height of 5.50 m. “This high entry was a challenge for me,” the 30-year-old admitted. “Some of the jumps were high enough, but they didn’t have enough depth.”

Women’s 4 x 400m: Triple Gold 400m Bowl

Fimk Paul is a distinguished track and field athlete in Munich. After winning gold in the 400m and 400m hurdles, the 22-year-old led the 4x400m relay of the Dutchman to the title. At 3:20.87 minutes, the “Orange” quartet was more than a second ahead of the Poles and the British, who shared other medals among themselves. The Swiss relay came in seventh.

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Men’s 4x400m: Brits won the triathlon

Matthew Hudson Smith, Charles Dobson, Lewis Davey and Alex Haydock Wilson ran 2:59.35 to win the relay gold for Great Britain. Belgium announcer Dylan Borleigh couldn’t catch up despite his impressive final race. 14 hundred missing for the European title. The French, who took the bronze position, were only fifteen hundredths behind.

The Women of the Spear: Zingkou outdoes himself

    With a personal best of 65.81 meters, the gold medal was won by Greek Elina Tzengko. At the World Championships, where she failed to qualify, this was enough to win the silver medal. Serbian Adriana Villagos (62.01 m) and Czech 41-year-old Barbora Spotakova (60.68 m) took silver and bronze in Munich.