€100,000 without a managerial position: this is possible in these positions


Most people who earn more than 100,000 euros annually have administrative responsibility for the employees who report directly to them. This is shown by analysis through the Stepstone working platform.

However, the assessment also shows that as a higher-income earner, you do not necessarily have to take on a managerial position.

As an account manager, attorney, and consultant, for example, you still stand a chance of earning a six-figure salary.

Higher salaries usually come with higher responsibilities. An exclusive analysis by Stepstone* for Business Insider shows that most people in Germany who earn more than €100,000 a year have managerial and personal responsibilities. 78 percent of high-income earners have direct reports.

The analysis shows that medium-sized teams are the most common. 36 percent of high-income earners lead teams of 5 to 14 employees, with 25 percent consisting of 15 to 49 employees. 15 percent have one to four reports and 14 percent manage teams of 100 or more employees. High-income earners who manage 50 to 100 employees are ten percent rarer.

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