June 16, 2024

Saudi Arabia now also offers a 'Visa on Arrival' for Swiss nationals

Saudi Arabia now also offers a ‘Visa on Arrival’ for Swiss nationals

The Saudi Ministry of Tourism announced the amendment of visa regulations, which greatly satisfies the Saudi Tourism Authority. Accordingly, residents of the UK, US, EU and other countries including Switzerland can apply for a visa on arrival. In total, citizens of 49 countries are now authorized to obtain a ‘Visa on Arrival’ – the full list of countries is available with this link.

The cost of a “visa on arrival” is 300 Saudi riyals (about 80 Swiss francs), which is about half of the previous e-visa.

In addition, Saudi Arabia now allows residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to apply for an electronic tourist visa (eVisa) to enter Saudi Arabia.

The announcement of the new e-Visa and the expansion of the “Visa on Arrival” scope is an important step forward to facilitate the visit of Saudi Arabia for tourists from all over the world. Fahad Hameed Al-Din, CEO and Board Member of the Qatar Tourism Authority, comments: “Facilitating tourist visas for millions of GCC residents and expanding visa on arrival supports our goal of welcoming 100 million visitors annually by 2030 into what will become Coming soon the world’s largest new Leisure tourism destination This is not just an advertisement, but an invitation We make it easier than ever for visitors to discover thousands of years of history and culture, unparalleled landscapes and a thriving leisure sector We welcome our neighbors and the world at large to experience The authentic Arab homeland.

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