June 23, 2024

Dynamic podcast ads on Spotify

Interactive podcast ads now also in Germany! It gives marketers a new way to reach podcast listeners on Spotify with their ads.

The opportunities for advertisers and hosts on Spotify continue to expand. Sarol Krauss-Gentsch, Head of Podcast DACH at Spotify, recently explained to us in an interview with OnlineMarketing.de that “Spotify […] Video creation as a new standard.” But the streaming service doesn’t just see the topic of video as a trend — the company also wants to offer new possibilities in terms of advertising.

With this in mind, Spotify sees “interaction as the next big opportunity in audio,” according to the latest press release available on OnlineMarketing.de. In this, the streaming service announces that an audio ad format already popular in some markets is now also available in Germany. This is about Business calling cards, which is now available to advertisers in Germany. Since its launch last year, dynamic ad banners were initially only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Interactive podcast ads on Spotify, © Spotify

Call-to-action cards are part of the Spotify interactive broadcast experience. With the help of the new audio advertising technology “Insert Streaming Ads”, audio advertising in podcasts is no longer only audible, but also visual and above all clickable. Well-known brands such as Audi have already recognized the potential of interactive audio advertising in the form of CTAs and were among the first in Germany to test such advertising.

Audio ads capabilities on Spotify

Historically, podcast advertising has been difficult to measure compared to other digital marketing channels. This is because podcasts are often subscribed to and downloaded via RSS feeds, making it difficult to track whether or not ads are being heard. But the trend away from downloads to streaming has created new opportunities in podcast advertising.

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New dynamic CTAs are presented to listeners as clickable banner ads as soon as they listen to an audio ad. In addition, banners reappear in various places in the Spotify app after playing audio ads. This way, listeners can engage with a brand even after hearing the advertisement.

Podcast Ads on Spotify, © Spotify

With attractive graphics, customizable text, and clickable “Shop Now” buttons, CTAs allow users to discover products and services more easily, without promotional codes or a custom URL. For advertisers, CTAs provide a great opportunity to increase reach and engagement. Various tests have shown that clickable audio ads can double website traffic compared to non-clickable audio ads in podcasts.

Availability of Spotify Podcast Ads

Spotify Podcast ads are available for most of Germany’s original and exclusive podcasts, for example shows like setting modeAnd Thick and stupid or You never stop learning. Advertisers can book Spotify Podcast ads for available shows – with pre-, mid- and post-roll ads.

Artists on Spotify were recently able to connect their Shopify store in the app and sell products while fans listen to their music. And just back in March, CEO Daniel Ek spoke of the new home page as one of the biggest changes to the Spotify app since its mobile launch.

A new TikTok-style home feed, AI guide, and video podcast for everyone

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