Netflix glitch – The streaming service apologizes

Netflix wants to invest more in streaming. But nothing worked during the broadcast of the reunion show “Love Makes Blind”.

Netflix failed to stream. The streaming service wanted to air a reunion show on hit dating format Love Makes Blind live in the US on Sunday. But users who called in to broadcast at the announced time saw nothing. The program was ready only an hour later – in recorded form. According to media reports, some users reported delays even then.

“We are so sorry”

Netflix apologized to users in different time zones of the United States via Twitter. The text read: “To all those who stayed up late, got up early, and slept on Sunday afternoons: We are so sorry that the ‘Love Makes Blind’ encounter didn’t go as we planned.” “We’re in the process of filming it and will have it on Netflix as soon as humanly possible. Again, thanks and sorry.”

Frustrated users are still venting their anger. “You should instead send back the DVDs, which better suits your speed.” Netflix began as a DVD delivery service in 1997. Having established itself through streaming, the group now increasingly wants to compete with live television.

The season 4 reunion show of “Love Makes Blind” was their second failed attempt at a live broadcast. It began with Chris Rock’s “Selective Rage” airing in March 2023.

A reunion is also taking place with us

Netflix has been successfully poaching the dating show business since 2020 with Love Makes You Blind. In the format, run by husband and wife team Vanessa and Nick Lachey, singles flirt in separate booths without ever seeing each other. When the chemistry is right and a special connection is formed, they get engaged and only then see their chosen one in a big meeting for the first time.

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Nick and Vanessa Lachey are the presenters of the dating show. (Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix)

The engaged couple then have to face the daily reality check and plan the wedding. At the altar it is decided if love is really blind. The first season premiered in February 2020, the second two years later and the third in October 2022. At the reunion, the couples met up again to tell how they felt after taping.

In Germany, Season 4 of “Love Makes Blind” has been gradually made available by Netflix in recent weeks. A Live Reunion should also be available in this country. There is already a tab on Netflix, but it’s not yet in focus.

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