April 13, 2024

Deviation Games: PS5-Entwicklung auf Hochtouren – Neues Studio in Kanada

Drift Games: PS5 development in full swing

Deviation Games and PlayStation have teamed up to work on a new IP. While the exact details are still pending, a studio expansion has been announced.

Ironically, new studio Deviation Games, headed by a former Call of Duty veteran, wants to expand at a faster pace. And growth appears to have been so rapid that the studio opened a second location. It’s Canada drift games. The new office aims to complement production capabilities in Los Angeles.

employees are needed

The news has been published LinkedIn subscriber and above Reset I picked up. At the same time, another round of recruitment was announced to strengthen the Canadian team that had formed long before the official announcement. It’s still unclear what the developer is working on, though former Treyarch chief and company founder Jason Blundell has expressed a desire to avoid the “normal, boring and monotonous” of the New Year’s update.

“We have been working on this initiative for a few months (by the way, we have kept it very confidential). So it is really exciting to finally share this amazing news with all of you.” “We hope you will join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement.”

At the same time, Deviation Games notes the planned settings: “So if you live in Canada and are interested in one of the possibilities on our site Interested, please contact us. Or if you would like to learn more, please message a member of our team. “

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However, work on the first project, which will be released under the PlayStation Studios umbrella, is in full swing. At the beginning of the week, a job advertisement was picked up on various sites, which led to the assumption that Deviation Games is developing a role-playing game. However, a closer look indicates that the company is only looking for employees with experience in RPGs and online shooters, which looks somewhat like a “Borderlands” alternative.

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