July 16, 2024

Coronation Souvenirs for Charles III Great Britain Floods: From Toilet Paper to Teddy Bears

Coronation Souvenirs for Charles III Great Britain Floods: From Toilet Paper to Teddy Bears

London – Just before the coronation of King Charles III (74) And his wife Camilla, 75, is in Great Britain to buy countless souvenirs for the big royal event.

All memorabilia relating to the coronation of King Charles III. Fits, some are sold. © Nathan Dennett/The Canadian Press via ZUMA Press/dpa

Not only the palace online shops and the souvenir shops of the royal palaces, but also the oddities and daily necessities shops along the tourist miles.

Furniture store John Lewis said sales of coronation memorabilia rose 27 per cent during coronation week compared to the previous week.

The Louise Bear teddy bear, decked out in an ermine coat and crown for the coronation, has never sold so well, the company says.

King Charles III
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The Telegraph newspaper listed a cushion with an embroidered crown and the words to the national anthem “God Save the King” by designer John Constantine among the “best coronation souvenirs”, as well as State Mint coins and Royal Mail stamps and a silk. A luxury department store Harrods scarf with a sophisticated royal pattern.

Apart from wreaths, lifelike cardboard cutouts of the king are also sold. © Andrea Alexandru/AP/dpa

The porcelain tableware, which is always offered by the Royal Collection Trust, which owns the palace, for important occasions, sold out in droves just before the coronation.

None of the seven plates, cups or caskets are in stock, priced from £30 to £195 (about €34 to €221). However, royal fans can find what they’re looking for on the website for Charles’ private country house, Highgrove Estates.

For example, one teapot had the words “Three Cheers for King Charles” written on it.

King Charles III
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But even Brits on a shoestring budget can turn their home or everyday essentials into royalty these days: supermarket chain Asda sells toilet paper and kitchen rolls printed with crowns.

Rival Sainsbury’s offers life-size cardboard cutouts of Charles.

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