April 13, 2024

Der Bergdoktor - Winterspecial

“Der Bergdoktor”: Hans Siegel is drawn to Canada

Martin Gruber should: “Take a trip to Canada,” suggests Hans Siegel in an interview at the beginning of the fifteenth season for our reporter. He did not reveal in detail why Canada is the dream destination of “Burgedoctor”. Perhaps because you can ski better in deep snow than in the mountains around the Wilder Kaiser, which Martin Gruber and his brother Hans visit for a special winter ski tour. ZDF is likely to donate its most important series star, an exciting Canadian adventure of 2023 – as an alternative to a special winter that won’t exist in the future.

Article by digital TV reporter Melanie Kroes

It couldn’t start more dramatically: a seemingly silent little girl writing “HILFE” in the snow in front of the lonely mountain hut. Mountain doctor Martin Gruber (Hans Siegel) and his brother Hans (Heiko Ruprecht) moved here by chance. In fact, they wanted to recover from their stressful love life – instead, they now follow the kid to an unsuccessful skater and begin the rescue. Also in 2022, there will be an action-packed winter special at the start of the new season of “Der Bergdoktor” (Thursday January 13 and Already available in ZDF Media Library).

Stunning shots of the snow-covered area of ​​the Wilder Kaiser between Kufstein and St. Johann in Tirol have always been one of the biggest challenges to production. Especially when the film’s cast and actors are in unexpected lighting conditions in the icy heights around Ellmauer Stop, the highest peak in the 2,344-meter mountain range, you should take perfect photos. In the fight against subzero temperatures, you become a specialist. In an interview with TV DIGITAL, Hans Sigl, star of the series and on position on more than 100 of the total 140 days of filming each season, has two unbeatable tricks up his sleeve against the cold: “Exercise – and ignore the cold!”

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Despite all the adverse conditions, the film “Bergdoktor” is shown in late winter and from June to December has a friendly family atmosphere among all participants. A lot has been with us since the first episode. For example, production director, stimulus director, external props and the main actors around Hans Sigl. “On my first day of filming, I was overwhelmed by everything,” the Austrian vividly recalls. His film daughter, now 25-year-old Ronja Forcher, should have gone through a similar experience. She was eleven years old when she took on the role of Lilli Gruber. Millions of “Bergdoktor” fans could have watched her grow up.

Five facts about the “mountain doctor”

  • The series is based on the successful novel series “Der Bergdoktor” by Bastei-Verlag
  • Since 2008, Hans Sigl has been playing Dr. Martin Gruber
  • The series is a remake of the German-Austrian television series of the same name “Der Bergdoktor” (1992-1997), which aired on Saturday 1
  • The ‘Gruberhof’ is actually called ‘Köpfinghof’ and is located in Söll, Tyrol
  • The title song “Patience” comes from the pop group Take That and is from 2006

While the Grubers remain loyal to each other, the brothers tend to be impermanent when it comes to matters of love. When the regular episodes of Season 15 begin on January 20, magician Martin is still between his fiancée Anne (Ines Lutz) and Francesca (Simon Hanselmann), the mother of his son. Hans Siegel’s suggestion that “the doctor of the mountain should definitely go on a trip to Canada” would not be an inappropriate escape.

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He can also take with him Hans Gruber, who cheated on his partner – and that with Martin Lynn Kemper’s (Andrea Gerhard) assistant physician of all people. What happens next with the Gruber brothers, who at first glance may seem like Halodris, but are often only victims of circumstances? The past 14 seasons have shown: in the worst case scenario, lone wolves start their search for love all over again.

“Der Bergdoktor” – Winter Special: “Cold Silence”: Thursday, January 13, 8:15 p.m. on ZDF

“Der Bergdoktor” – Season 15: Thursday, January 20 at 8:15 PM ZDF time