December 4, 2023

DAZN shuts down popular, illegal live sports site

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DAZN is working with ACE to take down a world-famous live sports piracy site based in India.

The world’s leading anti-piracy organization Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), in collaboration with DAZN, has shut down India-based live sports piracy website and its associated domains. As a member of ACE, DAZN has been working closely with the company since this spring to combat sports piracy (Digital TV Reports/see link). received 253 million visits last year

Closed pages are now redirected to ACE’s legal monitoring page. Last year, and its associated domains received more than 253 million visits. Most of the traffic came not from local areas, but from the United States, Great Britain, India, and Canada. ACE identified and confronted the site operator in Uttar Pradesh, which transferred and all associated domains to ACE.


DAZN statement on the successful closure of the Indian live sports piracy site

“DAZN has invested significant amounts in building a successful business around combat sports, driving the development of mixed martial arts and boxing and providing fans with high-quality content and services,” said Ed McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer of DAZN Group. “In order to continue investing, DAZN must be able to protect its intellectual property. The enforcement work that ACE is undertaking through the Joint Sports Piracy Task Force initiative is an important component of this work. It is particularly pleasing to see that the Criminal of this magnitude and the positive result is that potential subscribers are redirected to legitimate content providers like DAZN.

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