June 23, 2024

Davis Cup: ÖTV meets South Korea in the AFC Qualifiers - Athletic Mix

Davis Cup: ÖTV meets South Korea in the AFC Qualifiers – Athletic Mix

Austria’s Davis Cup team, knocked out in the group stage from the final tournament, will have to go a long way to qualifying for 2022. Stefan Kubic’s side, who were number 12 in the draw on Sunday in Madrid, will face South Korea away on 4-5 March.

Since the duel between Austria and South Korea had not yet taken place, another lottery was decided on land rights. This provoked the discontent of the Austrians in favor of the Asians. ÖTV captain Stefan Kubik explained via ÖTV broadcast: “A trip around the world! But the opponent looks good on paper. Provided that the whole team is available, which I suppose, I see him in the role of candidates.” “One of the problems could be that the match will be played in the United States after that. We will explain that.”

ÖTV’s sports director, Jürgen Melzer, spoke of a “meaningful sporting mission”, but said: “In terms of travel, too much is the worst that can happen.” Especially in regards to starting Dominic Thiem, who is hopefully at his best from an Austrian point of view, the trip didn’t fit into the schedule.

ÖTV President Magnus Brunner, who will be sworn in as Austrian Finance Minister on Monday, spoke of many challenges but feasible. “It’s a shame we didn’t get a home match. We wanted to play in front of our fans. Even if the journey was tough, I’m sure the boys will do everything they can to get into the final again.”

This year’s finalists Croatia and Russia made it to the finals, and thanks to the wildcards, Great Britain and Serbia are already strong in the final tournament, this time with 16 countries participating in four groups of four. Austria was already eliminated from the group stage when this tournament mode was held for the first time this year.

France (1) – Ecuador
Spain (2) – Romania
Finland – Belgium (3)
USA (4) – Colombia
Netherlands – Canada (5)
Brazil – Germany (6)
Slovakia – Italy (7)
Australia (8) – Hungary
Norway – Kazakhstan (9)
Sweden (10) – Japan
Argentina (11) – Czech Republic
South Korea – Austria (12)

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