May 22, 2024

Curling World Cup in Canada – Impressive response: two sweeping victories for the Swiss – Sports

Curling World Cup in Canada – Impressive reaction: Two sweeping victories for the Swiss – Sports – SRF

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The Swiss will return to winning ways against New Zealand and Denmark in the World Cup finals in Sydney, Canada.

The Swiss women reacted after defeats to Canada and Scotland at the World Cup in Sydney (CAN). The team featuring skip Silvana Tirinzoni left nothing to be desired against New Zealand (10:2) and Denmark (9:1).

Twice a house of four

The Swiss were up from the start against New Zealand and already had a four-man team in the first end. After stealing one stone at a time the score was 6:0 after 3 ends.

In the fifth end, the defending champions won by four again (10:1). After the sixth end (and thus as close as possible), the New Zealanders, with just one win to their name, gave up.

Once a house of five

Even after a few hours against the Danes, the Swiss showed no weakness. After 4 ends, CC Aarau led 3-0. In the seventh end, Danish skip Madeleine Dupont faced a difficult task when there were 6 Swiss stones in the house before her final stone. She could only play one game and had to steal 5 stones. Then the Scandinavians surrendered when the score was 1:9.

The Swiss are at least in the quarter-finals. However, you have the opportunity to advance directly to the semi-finals as one of the top two teams in the round robin. On Friday, they will face their direct rivals from Italy, and at the end of the preliminary round they will face Sweden.

Live broadcast on, 21 March 2024, 1:00 pm;

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