July 14, 2024

Cuba: The blockade has cost  million a day since Biden took office

Cuba: The blockade has cost $15 million a day since Biden took office

Havana. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez described the US government’s listing of his country as a “financially lethal” country that supports terrorism. As a result, Cuba will have to pay an additional one-third to one-half to purchase any commodity.

The sanctions include “restrictions on US aid, embargoes on arms exports and sales, controls on certain dual-use products, and various financial and other restrictions,” according to the US government. In addition to Cuba (since 2021), North Korea (2017), Iran (1984), and Syria (1979) are also on the list. existing.

This coercive measure extends to all areas, Rodriguez said during his annual report on the state of the impact of sanctions. At the United Nations General Assembly in November, Cuba also wants to use this information to confirm the annual vote to end the US blockade against the socialist country. In 2021, 184 countries voted to end the blockade, with only the United States and Israel voting against it. Brazil, Colombia and Ukraine abstained.

Rodriguez said the embargo has caused Cuba to lose $15 million a day in the 14 months since US President Joe Biden took office. To make matters worse, the few suppliers who maintained relations with Cuba raised their prices, while the United States intimidated and persecuted the companies that supplied the fuel.

For example, Germany’s Brüel & Kjaer Vibro Gmbh, which was to provide vibration monitoring systems for thermal turbines to the Cuban energy sector, said it would not sign a contract with Cuban company Energoimport unless the latter made its full upfront payments. At the same time, the bank advised the company not to do business with Cuba due to the application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

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The foreign minister stressed that the embargo is “a permanent pandemic and a permanent hurricane” against Cuba. He stressed that in this way, Cuba became a victim of terrorism – US state terrorism and US-sponsored actions.