May 18, 2024

Coronavirus Live News: The United States may start vaccination before Christmas; Vietnam sees first case in three months | world News

In the United kingdom, New instructions have been published on Singing Caves of Santa and Carroll and Nativity Plays.

Palestinian Authority media reports:

Ceremonial traditions should only be continued within the bylaws – with limited number and social distancing required.

Door-to-door hymn singers can spread their annual rejoicing – but only in groups of six while maintaining a distance of at least two meters from “the threshold of any dwelling.”

Government directives, published Sunday to cover the Christmas period, also allow indoor singing when England’s national lockdown ends on December 2, but only by choirs and without public participation.

Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London, said the news that people could come together to sing in the open air during the festive season “will bring comfort and joy to many.”

For door-to-door singing, where there are more than six people, groups should not mix or mingle, according to the guidelines.

Participants are expected to pursue social distancing by staying at least two meters away from anyone who is not in the same home, and at the same distance from the door of the property they sing outside.

The internal singing of professional and amateur choirs can be done according to the stratum of the particular region, but audiences or congregations may not participate in “any activity that can create aerosols, including singing, shouting and chanting”.

These activities are known to increase the risk of transmission of the virus.
For indoor choirs, the maximum number of people in attendance should take into account the amount of space and requirements for maintaining a social distance of 2 meters at all times, according to the guidelines.

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Bishop Mullally, who heads the church group for resuscitation, said:

Singing is a very special part of our worship, especially at Christmas and Advent, so I know that announcing that we will be able to come together for public singing in the open air this Christmas will bring comfort and joy to many.

The coming of Christmas and Christmas this year will not be the same as in previous years, but having outdoor collective singing and indoor chanting services with choirs is a reasonable balance and realizes our duty to protect and care for one another.

Meanwhile, the school birthdays will be allowed to proceed “within the current school bubbles” and avoid any mixing of groups.

The public will only be permitted to attend in Level 1 and Level 2 zones – as per “appropriate safeguards”.

For Level 3 proud parents, schools are advised to use live broadcasts or record shows. Santa Claus Caves can be opened at all levels – as long as they are located where they are allowed to open.

The directive warns that places must put in place “appropriate Covid-safe measures, including social distancing.”

For people hoping to get in a festive mood by attending the Christmas market, the government advises that the rules should be checked according to their levels.

It states:

The rules may vary for indoor and outdoor stores, such as the Christmas markets or the Christmas tree markets.

Personally, I am very sad that I was unable to attend my son’s first play of her birth this year, especially since he has the same name Sleepy Shepherd, and he will definitely not get such an important role again. Hope at least we get a recording that we can make fun of for his 18th birthday.

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