June 20, 2024

Connection: What’s your worst receive line?


What’s your worst transmission line?

“I lost my key, can I sleep with you?” And similar pickup lines never actually work. We want to hear your worst attempts!


Does he ask her if she fell from the sky? We don’t know exactly. But we want to hear your worst pickups!

Facebook / Milk Edinburgh

Are your parents architects? You are very well built! or “The color of your eyes matches perfectly with my bed sheets” are just two examples Flirting attemptswhich causes most recipients to roll their eyes rather than get excited.

But it sure gets worse, right? We want to hear your worst transmission lines! It doesn’t matter if you were turned on that way or tried to pick someone up yourself: write us the worst pick up lines you know, in the form.

You will soon see the results in a series of photos.

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